Spearfishing Rentals

**Due to concerns with COVID-19, we will no longer be offering rental equipment at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause**

Need to rent freediving or spearfishing gear? We have you covered. Whether it is a speargun, wetsuit, or a complete package, J&J has what you need.


Freedive and Spearfishing Rental Gear


Railgun $20
Wood $25
Custom $28

Long Blade Freedive Fins:

Plastic $12
Composite $25  (if Available)

Additional Items:

Wetsuits $17
Low Volume Mask $7
Snorkel $4
Weightbelt & Weight $15
Gloves $4
Socks $4
Hood $4
Knife $6
Stringer $2

Basic Spearfishing Package:

Includes everything listed above, with railgun and plastic blade fins. $65

Advanced Spearfishing Package:

Includes everything listed above, including midhandle or custom gun and composite fins. $100


All rentals are subject to availability. To insure availability it is best to contact us before coming in to rent. All rentals are at a first come first serve basis.